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A Hive of Activity

We are striving for a fairer, cleaner fashion industry, allowing the public to make more sustainable choices.

We are making ‘eco’, mainstream.

The Cost of Clothing

Ignorance is Not Bliss. 

From soil and stitch through to retail, it is unrealistic to believe that garments can be grown, produced, stitched, shipped, retailed and delivered to your door for such low costs. There is a cost somewhere, and it is usually a human one. 

The Bee Thrive is supporting all who acknowledge this truth, brands and consumers alike.

We envision a future where all brands acknowledge their social responsibility and the future of our planet.

Disposing of Disposable 

The fast fashion industry has created a disposable generation. Rising levels of consumption plays a key role in perpetuating a fashion industry that is, quite simply, unsustainable. 

Disposable fashion leads to increased material being sent to landfill, hazardous chemicals being used in the production process and unsold stock going to waste. Cheap clothing encourages fast turnover and repurchasing, and so the cycle continues. 

Garment workers tend to put in very long hours for very low wages. This keeps production costs down. 

It might look like a bargain, but there’s a very real human story behind the clothes you wear.

Click here to read more about the impact of disposable fashion and inhumane working conditions. 

Fast Fashion Figures

In the UK alone, the fast fashion industry generates over 350,000 tonnes of clothing landfill per year. 

In 2017, the journey from production to disposal of clothing created 26 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. That figure is rising year on year.

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