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Have no doubt, the future of our planet depends on us, on you. 

In changing habits and allowing for better consumer choice, The Bee Thrive is making the change.

Come and join us!

Mission Statement

The Bee Thrive is both a supplier and a platform of carefully sourced products and designers with a universal goal; to make and create a positive change in the future of fashion and lifestyle.

The Bee Thrive believes current production-processes can be destructive and wants to bring an end to the sweatshop culture.

The Bee Thrive is helping to grow ethical and sustainable brands and increase awareness worldwide.

The Bee Thrive is concerned about the future of our planet and believes action is needed urgently to reverse destructive trends.

The Bee Thrive encourages consumers to wear their environmental values, literally, on their sleeve, establishing an alternative approach, making ‘eco’, mainstream.

The Bee Thrive is an ‘eco’ community hub which provides products and information.

The Bee Thrive is an educational platform, filtering real fashion truths about the clothes you wear and the impact it is having on our planet.    

The Bee Thrive believes economic relationships are based on a foundation of trust and a mutual, long-term vision, which respects workers, consumers, partners and the environment.