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Our collections are new, yet timeless. 

They have been expertly designed for the modern woman and are a world away from throwaway trends and styles synonymous with the high street. 

We love them, and we know you will too!

When It’s Gone, It’s Gone

Our initial launch features vintage materials. Specifically, our superior quality suiting wool collections are made from 1960s wool, meaning they are sustainably sourced. Once the material has gone, it’s gone, making these garments both limited and bespoke.

The vintage wool offers a variety of patterns and colours. 

Choose your design and we will manufacture your garment in an ethically operated, Manchester-based factory. 

Your bespoke item will be delivered to you within twenty days of order.

The Bee Thrive Way

In line with our approach, the release and launch of our products happens when garments are ready, meaning nobody in our supply chain works to unrealistic deadlines or under unnecessary pressure. 

Doubling Up

Our Doubles Collections are intricately designed to make you feel both comfortable and elegantly empowered. Their ethical production promotes an inner satisfaction too. 

Set to Thrive 

Over the coming months, we will release each of our beautiful designs here on our website. Our initial six collections include:

Pleated...if you Please

Armed Articulation

Lovingly Lioness

Sassy & Sophisticated

Glamorous Game Changer

Defiant yet Decorous 

Deeds Not Words

Our initial six collections make a style statement, not least because they have been designed around period fashion that has inherited meaning and purpose. 

Each of our garments are named after the brave and courageous women who shaped the world as we know it. The Suffragettes. 

Many of these spectacular women came from Manchester, but the suffrage movement was heard and felt worldwide. Their impact on women’s rights has been immeasurable. 

At The Bee Thrive, we are striving to keep their names alive, and not allow these pioneering super-women to become lost in history. Their courage and bravery is an inspiration to us in trailblazing a better future, just as they did.  

Our garments are to be worn with that self-same sense of pride and power that works to better the world. 

The women who buy our clothes will be those who are also working to change the future, striving like us, for one of equality and fairness, and above all, to help save our planet from destruction.

You’ll be as inspired as we are, and as empowered as they were!