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The Bee

The Manchester Bee is an emblem of hard work. It represents unity and solidarity. This resonates with us too. And, Manchester was once home to a thriving cotton industry. So we are bringing Manchester’s past and present together to create a better future. 

Who makes my clothes? 

We manufacture our garments in Manchester, in an ethically run factory. 

Workers are highly skilled tailors who enjoy their work. They are helping to bring textile production back to its birthplace. 

Our collections are bespoke to ensure minimal fabric waste. Garments are made to order, to the highest standard, thus reducing returns. 

Expect only staple wardrobe pieces that will stand the test of time. 

Step back in time

Manchester was once the economic engine of global industry. As the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, it’s where the cotton and textile industry began. But with it came slavery, and in 1787 Manchester Cathedral held the first ever public meeting to abolish slavery. .’ 

The people of Manchester and surrounding towns and cities supported President Lincoln’s struggle to emancipate all American slaves. They put their principles ahead of their economic self-interests. This strong moral and political stance led to the Cotton Famine, a period of struggle for workers. But it was not in vain. Later, president Lincoln thanked the people of Manchester personally for their support in securing freedom for all. 

Today, a statue of President Abraham Lincoln stands in Lincoln Square in Manchester. 

We at The Bee Thrive are following in the footsteps of the moral heroism of the past in the name, once again, of justice, humanity and freedom.

Work to do

Sadly, forced labour, debt bondage and involuntary servitude remains rife within the fashion industry. An academic investigating this found that: 

“Slavery is something that is with us always. We need to keep it in view and think about it when we buy our clothes, to question where they’re sourced. Governments and CEOs need to think more carefully about what they are doing and individually supporting.” Professor Remington Crawford III, University of Toronto.

If YOU are questioning where YOUR clothes are sourced, you can rely on The Bee Thrive to ensure they are both ethically produced and sustainable.