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About Us

About us

New Brand on the Block. 

The Bee Thrive is a growing platform of organic, ethically sourced and sustainable clothing, footwear, skincare and lifestyle products, with an emphasis on quality and longevity. 

Inspired by early 1900s fashion, we’re bringing back staple pieces that will last  - in every sense. Quality fabric and materials give our garments longevity, making our classic designs distinctive through the decades.

We take pride in our appearance, but it’s more than skin-deep. For us, it’s about caring about where and how our products are made.  

We produce, supply and host both established and up-and-coming ethical, sustainable and organic brands for shoppers searching for earth-friendly alternatives that are stylish and of exceptional quality.

At last, a product range that gives the conscious-consumer a brand they can trust in, and the choice they want!

Forget Fast Fashion. 

It’s time to slow down. 

We only source organic and sustainable fabrics, which are produced ethically and conscientiously. 

We want to help bring an end the sweatshop, fast fashion industry and allow conscious consumers to make a better choice. 

We are paving the way for slow-fashion, featuring products that are carefully chosen for quality and sustainability.

This is Andrea. 

She works out of an accredited tailoring mill in Bolton, Greater Manchester where all of The Bee Thrive produce all of its beatiful highly quality gamrents.

The Future of Fashion

Conscientious consumers are at the heart of what we do. 

We are working to broaden this community and build on the changing ways we think about fashion, helping to pioneer change and produce clothes that are both environmentally and ethically conscious, rather than trend-driven.

Northern Roots

The Bee Thrive grew from a passion held by a feisty and committed young woman from Manchester, someone who is characterised by her big heart and crystal clear vision of what the future should be. 

In bringing her vision into the here and now, Gemma Gratton approached Ziggy Lavelle, one of the city’s leading fashion industry experts who offered guidance and consultancy within the industry.

Through determination and will Gemma was able to bring this BIG idea to life. 

Stronger Together 

Beyond our own designs, we are also working alongside a select number of other ethical brands locally and from around the world to widen the product range available. 

We collaborate with like-minded individuals who are also are determined to pioneer a more sustainable future. 

It means conscious-consumers can depend on us to source and supply organic, ethically made, fair-trade products.

If you are an Ethical & Sustainable brand and wish to join our Utopian Hive in pollinating a greener fairer future, please click on this link, we'd be buzzing to speak with you!